What's In It For ME?

Cash Rewards & Recognition

Transformers are put on a pathway to be rewarded for the value they provide to themselves and extend to others.  As more value is provided, more rewards and recognition are exchanged:

  • Thank U dollars... YES, Actual CASH!!

  • The 1st 18  who achieve SuperHERO Status unlocks the SuperHERO Stage!!!  This secures you a spot in the spotlight to showcase your talents, share your message and leave your mark! 
  • VIP Luxury vacation - all expenses paid!

  • Public speaking / engagements
  • Exclusive TV features / spotlight

  • Widespread recognition on stage and online

  • Larger than life framed image of a magazine poster featuring your success!

  • Exclusive invites -- expenses paid -- to luxury group vacation

  • Clothing / gear

  • Confidence, Joy, Vibrancy

  • Community, Culture, new Friends!

Media Platforms

Trips & Travel