Body ReProgramming

Your Mission:

SUPERfeed your body with SUPERfood ingredients that optimally nourish your cells.

"The quality of the life that u live is going to be equal to the quality of food u eat...
so to live a SuperLIFE, it only stands to reason that U eat SuperFOODs."  
                                                                                                          Dave Sandoval

The (re)Program:

Changing the makeup of your body so it's no longer acidic... it's alkaline!  #alkalizeME

To be your own SuperHERO means making good4ME decisions for yourself and your body. This is how U develop the superPOWERS of liking how U look and liking how U feel. 

                                                                            #bodyPROUD #superPOWER #superheroME

Choose Your Own Adventure:


A. Lifestyle - take new good4ME actions to incorporate into your existing routine NOW. #good
*** SuperPOWER superFOOD recommendations provided upon acceptance ***

-- or --

B. Give your body a FULL reset - something that will kickstart U to feel like a new U in only 10 days. #better

And, based on the research findings of Dave Sandvoal -- author of The Green Food Bible -- it's guaranteed to alkalyze U from the inside out.


Making a conscious decision to take 20 days to form this as a Good4ME Habit #Ucommitting2U

As a result U are looking / feeling EXTRAORDINARY: both in confidence and in body.

This sets U up your foundation unleash your inner -- heart's desired -- SuperHERO!


Welcome to your new way of being! After all, it stands to reason that SUPERfoods promote a SUPER quality of Life... And that is SuperPOWERful!

To Initiate YourSelf

1. Read the Entry Requirements to ensure it's right / feels good for U to pursue. If so, join that Going to my EXTRA-Ordinary group and begin!

2. Choose who u would like to align with:

  • whose mission you would like to join
  • who has similar aspirations as U
  • who transformed themselves the way U wish to transform U
  • who inspired U in some way
  • the person who invited U in
  • whose dreams U wish to support

Go back to The Club and do this NOW 

-- OR --  

3. Contact the SuperHERO Hotline to be paired up: 877.WOW.FAME (969.3263) //

To Continue Your Lifestyle:

Products / Services / Activities that promote SuperPOWERS to look / feel bodyPROUD:

  • Good4ME choices
  • Playtime Activities
  • Posture Perfecting
  • Yoga to Bodybuilding
  • Inner Child Fun
  • What U Put on Your Body
  • What U Put in Your Body

SuperPOWERS Activated:

  • confidence skyrocketed
  • metabolism reset
  • feeling energized, vibrant, new!
  • breaking addictions
  • changing cravings
  • reshaping the body 
  • shed of toxins
  • melting unwanted fat
  • raised vibration
  • mental focus, presence, acuity
  • comfort zone stretched
  • loving better how u look
  • loving better how u feel 
  • loving how your body performs
  • feeling GOOD

Get to Know Dave

<--- (the superPOWER Dave created!)

His Research:
 For the last two decades, Dave searched the world over seeking experts of natural healing. He studied with the world's premiere authorities on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and western Holistic medicine and mentored under Ann Wigmore the founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute and advocate of “living food” nutrition.

Dave's Mission / Life Purpose: discovering everything Mother Nature provided that the human body needs to live a life of vibrancy, vitality, longevity AND pass it on to others. Now having formulated the products he feels his purpose is to change the way people eat & to educate them about empowerment and food.

His Discoveries: It was Sandoval who first introduced into the modern world foods like Amla Fruit, Kamut Grass, and Activated Barley, gaining him access to rare, diverse, healing super foods ripped from the pages of history.

His claim to FAME: Dave has been host to the "Health Discovery Hour". He has authored The Green Foods Bible, contributed to The Doctor's Prescription for Healthy Living, been a guest on 200+ radio programs and national TV including regular segments currently on NY1. He is also the owner and founder of Purium Health Products... a partner of -- and a supplier for -- The SuperHERO Program. 

Life Lessons from Dave on
(published Oct 2015)

To Start Your Transformation

Send a Direct Message -- or --
Contact the SuperHERO Hotline -
877.WOW.FAME (969.3263) //