"Million Muscle" Mission



You built the body. You like the fame. Now it's time to PROMOTE YOU! Promote why / how U are choosing to be a superHERO to yourSelf and your fans. Promote when U fell in LOVE with fitness. Promote your story: what made you who u are; your dreams for where u want to go & what you're doing to achieve them. And Promote your GIFTS, you know, your talents, skills, passions... Promote U to help others step into their SUPERHERO too! #winwin 

Openings to Take Lead on this Mission:

1000 muscled bodies in 100 communities inspiring 10 people each to wake up to their potential and be the HERO of their lives.  Doing so puts you well on the way to becoming your own superHERO. 

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#whatUeatMATTERS #whatUsayMATTERS #whatUdoMATTERS #stepuptoyourplate #serveothers #doGOODfeelGOOD

Here's Why:

With 1 million muscled bodies -- each recognized as a walking billboard of health &  fitness --  intent on spreading the truth about longevity, health & self-loving actions... then SOCIETY shifts... people listen.  #TheFitnessAgenda #superheroME

Your Time to Shine!

Whether you're an athlete, trainer, promoter or run an organization, this is your opportunity to STAND OUT... and BE HEARD!