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About ME






July 28

Who I AM and What I'm About... in 3-5 sentences:

I am a living definition of a SpARTist - a multi-dimensional health conscious musical martial artist on a mission to unite with fellow SpARTists and usher in the next generation of Hip Hop culture - aka FIT HOP. My passion is in writing, producing and performing inspirational music that I can incorporate into my lifestyle, my training regiment, and most of all my classes and workshops. I run an independent music label called Spartan Productions through which I sign, develop and showcase young artists who share the common goal of co-creating uplifting and socially conscious music. From skills as organic as beat-boxing, break dancing, freestyle rapping, singing and chanting all the way to operating sophisticated audio equipment and music production technology - I am constantly sharpening my tools of creation and metaphoric weapons of choice to sustain higher grounds in the ongoing ubiquitous 'war on conscious' which is evident in most every mainstream media channel.

In The Area of My Physical Health I Am Interested In:

Be Stage-Ready AND Healthy

In The Area of My Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health I Am Interested In:

Impact Change in Society

In The Area of My Financial Health I Am Interested In:

Platforms to Feature My Creations Products or Services

I Am Interested in Being Part of The Mission:

Social Initiative

I Am Also Interested in:

Helping MySelf or Others Heal

How I Got to the Community Site (who referred ME):

Jay Hammet


Welcome to my platform to showcase and celebrate ME taking action for ME... in the direction of my dreams!  

My FAME Stage features MY transformation story as it unfolds! 

Here's why:

#1. It allows me to CELEBRATE ME and EXPRESS MYSELF creatively however I choose. #shiningmylight #feelsgood 

#2. I get to share my breakthroughs, milestones, AHAs & proud ME moments which may also move you. #inspiration #feelsgood

And as a result, ME helping U...helps ME!!! And... ME helping ME... helps U!!!  #winwin #superpowerful #superheroME 

Niko Sofianos is now a member of My SuperHERO Club
Oct 27, 2015
Niko Sofianos is now a member of Social Initiative
Oct 27, 2015