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About ME




Chowchilla, CA


October 9

Who I AM and What I'm About... in 3-5 sentences:

I am a 48 yr old female who wishes to enter into a bikini competition. I am just beginning my strength training program and entering a competition is my goal.

Why I AM Here

I am here to find out what I need to do to enter a competition and meet more people like me who have the same goals in mind.

In The Area of My Physical Health I Am Interested In:

Tone or Bulk up

In The Area of My Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health I Am Interested In:

Impact Change in Society

In The Area of My Financial Health I Am Interested In:

Helping People Become their Own SuperHERO

I Am Interested in Being Part of The Mission:

Fitness Agenda

I Am Also Interested in:

Helping MySelf or Others Heal

Stats & Facts: My dreams, passions, talents, skills, interests...

My dream is to become fit enough to enter a bikini competition and also to become a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant while helping others at the same time to meet their goals and dreams as well.

If All Money was Free Flowing, This is What Would Make Me the Feel the Most, Happy, Peaceful, Free:

Living near a beach and working at a gym :)

This is What I Do to Help Me / Others FEEL GOOD:

I am an encourager.

How I Got to the Community Site (who referred ME):



Welcome to my platform to showcase and celebrate ME taking action for ME... in the direction of my dreams!  

My FAME Stage features MY transformation story as it unfolds! 

Here's why:

#1. It allows me to CELEBRATE ME and EXPRESS MYSELF creatively however I choose. #shiningmylight #feelsgood 

#2. I get to share my breakthroughs, milestones, AHAs & proud ME moments which may also move you. #inspiration #feelsgood

And as a result, ME helping U...helps ME!!! And... ME helping ME... helps U!!!  #winwin #superpowerful #superheroME 

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