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About ME




June 11

Who I AM and What I'm About... in 3-5 sentences:

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for fitness. Being active and healthy is not just a habit of mine, but my lifestyle. I ran cross country and track for eight years but after my final season I put all of my time and energy into full body training. There is nothing I love more then feeling strong and seeing my improvements overtime. The gym is my favorite place to be whether it's in the weight room, on a running trail, or on a mountain.

In The Area of My Physical Health I Am Interested In:

I'll Pass for Now

In The Area of My Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health I Am Interested In:

Attend Retreats and Community Events

In The Area of My Financial Health I Am Interested In:

Earning $$$ Doing Something I LOVE

I Am Interested in Being Part of The Mission:

Million Muscle Mission

I Am Also Interested in:

Pre-Order the Making of a SuperHERO Book

Stats & Facts: My dreams, passions, talents, skills, interests...

My goal in life is to be the more fit person I can be by always going the extra mile, lifting the extra pound, by never giving up. It is my dream to one day be sponsored by a fitness company, win an athletic competition, and be a personal trainer and nutritionist. I love running, weight lifting, and mountain climbing. I currently can squat 225lbs and every week I continue to improve. I love planking and can hold one for over ten minutes.

How I Got to the Community Site (who referred ME):

No one referred me. I found it by searching for fitness competitions and coaching.


Welcome to my platform to showcase and celebrate ME taking action for ME... in the direction of my dreams!  

My FAME Stage features MY transformation story as it unfolds! 

Here's why:

#1. It allows me to CELEBRATE ME and EXPRESS MYSELF creatively however I choose. #shiningmylight #feelsgood 

#2. I get to share my breakthroughs, milestones, AHAs & proud ME moments which may also move you. #inspiration #feelsgood

And as a result, ME helping U...helps ME!!! And... ME helping ME... helps U!!!  #winwin #superpowerful #superheroME 

Emma Baumert is now a member of My SuperHERO Club
May 25, 2016