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About ME




Saint Louis, MO


March 13

Who I AM and What I'm About... in 3-5 sentences:

I'm a 64 year old married mom of 5, grandma to 7. Love the gift of family, enjoying working part time while I'm retired. Don't need to lose weight, just firm up.

Why I AM Here

I'm 64 but still feel young inside, and I'm not giving in or giving up. I'm inspired by by people like Ruby Carter-Pikes who defies the aging process. I'm agile and know I can regain some of the fitness I've left behind. I'm a nurse and will continue to practice as long as I'm able. I also love God with all my heart and realize that with Him, nothing is impossible!

In The Area of My Physical Health I Am Interested In:

Tone or Bulk up

In The Area of My Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health I Am Interested In:

Personal Development

In The Area of My Financial Health I Am Interested In:

I'm Good where I'm at

I Am Interested in Being Part of The Mission:

Nothing Right Now

I Am Also Interested in:

Nothing Right Now

Stats & Facts: My dreams, passions, talents, skills, interests...

Going to get in shape, stay young and fit. I love to nurture and encourage, guess that's why I became a nurse! Will continue to learn and grow as long as my brain allows me.

Yes, I Hit Rock Bottom and Got Myself Up. Here's How:

Retired but still working part-time, at the far end of middle age, and not willing to accept the sluggishness I feel as the result of inadequate diet and lack of exercise.

If All Money was Free Flowing, This is What Would Make Me the Feel the Most, Happy, Peaceful, Free:

Using it to help others.

This is What I Do to Help Me / Others FEEL GOOD:

Encourage, refute negativity, believe I am who God says I am.

How I Got to the Community Site (who referred ME):

Searched online.


Welcome to my platform to showcase and celebrate ME taking action for ME... in the direction of my dreams!  

My FAME Stage features MY transformation story as it unfolds! 

Here's why:

#1. It allows me to CELEBRATE ME and EXPRESS MYSELF creatively however I choose. #shiningmylight #feelsgood 

#2. I get to share my breakthroughs, milestones, AHAs & proud ME moments which may also move you. #inspiration #feelsgood

And as a result, ME helping U...helps ME!!! And... ME helping ME... helps U!!!  #winwin #superpowerful #superheroME 

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May 25, 2016
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May 22, 2016