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About ME






December 14

Who I AM and What I'm About... in 3-5 sentences:

I am a bio-hacking optimal health coach, podcast host, speaker and holistic nutritionist who is here to heal himself and the world through education, personal empowerment and lifestyle design. My journey has taken me from deaths door, to embodied and healthy, from Canada to Florida to Peru and back and I am ready to step up, lean in and help others transform their lives as we create a new world of health, community, and freedom! #mindfullness #strength #yoga #earthmedicine #JERF #cooking #smoothies #blenderartist #parkour #calisthenics #gymnastics #monkey #nature #adventure #speaking #podcasting #transformation

Why I AM Here

To be fulfilled I envision a time where I have a rural eco-village healing center that I live and work at part time with some of my closest friends and most respected mentors that serves as a healing oasis for city folk to visit when they are in times of crisis or just need to disconnect and recharge. We grow an abundance of fresh, organic, bio-dynamic vegetables, herbs and fruits year round in geodesic dome greenhouses on our property. I have thousands of podcast listeners, a waiting list for clients and I travel across North and South America giving talks, workshops, and connecting with people and places that inspire, renew and uplift my body, mind and spirit. In the winters I travel to central and south America to live and work with indigenous communities and help support empowered, healthy living for those less fortunate than myself.

In The Area of My Physical Health I Am Interested In:

Raise My Vibration

In The Area of My Financial Health I Am Interested In:

Build My Brand

I Am Interested in Being Part of The Mission:

Wellness Pro Pathway

I Am Also Interested in:

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Stats & Facts: My dreams, passions, talents, skills, interests...

My background was in body building and automotive engineering design, while studying at McMaster University in 2010 I had my appendix burst due to chronic constipation and toxic overload. I believe it was the QuickMass weight gainer shakes that were the last straw before my body no longer could cope. I spent the next 11 days in hospital and 4 months at home after that while my wounds healed. Since then it's been a continual journey of re-building my health starting with digestion and seeing a Naturopathic Doctor who inspired me to study natural health and nutrition.

Yes, I Hit Rock Bottom and Got Myself Up. Here's How:

I dare myself forward by exploring new practices and taking action in the face of doubt whether that be different lineages of yoga (The Tantric Path is what I'm currently exploring with my beautiful partner), public speaking, organizing events, cold calling potential clients etc. Rock bottom, which for me was lying in the hospital bed 1 week after my appendix surgery and having literally two gaping infected holes in my abdomen that allowed me to see through to the muscle and being told by the doctors that there was no way I'd be able to go on the Caribbean Cruise that our family had planned for the coming month. This taught me acceptance, it taught me to be present, it taught me that at one time or another in life we will have everything taken from us, whether that be our health, our future plans or our loved ones and that resisting this is what causes us so much suffering. That there is power in letting go and trusting that the universe has a bigger plan that although it may be difficult will lead to greater knowledge, strength, love and connection to ourselves and then the world.

This is What I Do to Help Me / Others FEEL GOOD:

Practice Yoga, calisthenics, strength training, dance, meditation, self massage, walks in nature (ideally barefoot), polar plunge (cold water exposure), and read / listen to educational and inspirational podcasts and books.

How I Got to the Community Site (who referred ME):

Jeff and Mindy at a Thai Yoga Massage Training Course with Lu Pancini @ The House of Yoga


The ability to command the attention of a room and engage an audience on a journey of inspiration, education and expanded awareness. The ability to craft a high quality, engaging podcast that provides edu-tainment, humor, and a fresh empowering perspective on life The ability to listen deeply and understand where people are at in their journey so that I can better help them move forward. The ability to walk on my hands, do a one armed chin up and do flips in the air.


Welcome to my platform to showcase and celebrate ME taking action for ME... in the direction of my dreams!  

My FAME Stage features MY transformation story as it unfolds! 

Here's why:

#1. It allows me to CELEBRATE ME and EXPRESS MYSELF creatively however I choose. #shiningmylight #feelsgood 

#2. I get to share my breakthroughs, milestones, AHAs & proud ME moments which may also move you. #inspiration #feelsgood

And as a result, ME helping U...helps ME!!! And... ME helping ME... helps U!!!  #winwin #superpowerful #superheroME 

The cool morning air coming through my window and into my lnugs as I took my first few deep breaths of the day.
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Oct 27, 2015
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