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Creators, Founders, Visionaries of:

FAME World Tour -  a global tour of fitness and physique events for naturally-trained athletes. The inaugural event was in Toronto in 1998. A year later it was nationwide and by 2004 it expanded into the US and areas worldwide (UK, Australia, Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe).

FAME: Fitness And Model Expo - the largest fitness consumer expo in Canada all 5 years it ran. This event grew to include 400 exhibitors, a personal trainers convention, and over 900 athletes competing in sports ranging from fitness to bodybuilding to cheerleading to obstacle courses to arm-wrestling to dance.

World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO) -  a governing body for natural events worldwide that innovated new procedures within the Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Model industries.

TSN Fitness Series - one of the most successful fitness TV series for TSN & RDS. It was rated as the network’s #1 non-live athletic event and was given prime-time billing with multiple repeats.

FAME Magazine -  an international fitness and health magazine that ran quarterly with a circulation of 50,000. It helped people become their own superstar and attract loyal fans.  It also appealed to industry notables and had an above average pass-through readership rate.

BodyPROUD Community - an online community for bodyproud individuals to influence and empower those ready to transform their body and heal their life. Approximately a year after its launch it was ranked within the top 100,000 websites online. It attracted over 4,500 unique visitors per day with an average time on site of approximately +20 mins and more than 10% of the visitors returning over 15x/month.

The FAME Agency - an agency for visibly fit individuals to gain exposure. It quickly became the go-to for casting directors who often bypassed all other agencies and scouts

Career-Defining Scenarios

⤇ Co-Produced the Fitness Series for TSN which became their #1 non-live sporting event

⤇ Co-Produced Canada’s largest Fitness Consumer Expo for all 5 years it ran

⤇ Coverage in Local, Regional, National and International Media

⤇ Helping people achieve personal fame 
   (magazines, TV, motivational speakers, celebrity trainers)

⤇ Uniting 7 fighting African nations in the spirit of Fitness 
    (people walked for days to attend)

⤇ Front Page of the Toronto Sun

⤇ Receiving Gifts from Government Officials and Country Presidents

⤇ Conceptualizing the notion of being “bodyproud” 
 (hearing / seeing it used by individuals globally)

⤇ learning that FAME Magazine had a pass-through rate higher than industry standards

⤇ moments we exceeded sponsorship / athlete / viewer  expectations

⤇ achieved rank within the top 100 thousand sites online (via Alexa) peaking at 4,500 unique visitors daily

Brands Launched


The Dynamic Duo

Mindy Blackstien and Jeffrey Kippel,
creators, visionaries, producers & founders

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